Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Chapter 1: New story in miera life

Starting a story from the bottom.
What is that? πŸ€” hehe
First of all, today miera just want to talk about job, why some of us really really love our the very first job we get.
For me, i really like the environment of work, my officemate and my workplace. Why? 
Okay. This happen when i quit my first job as Jr. IT Executive. Why? Because i want archieve my dream to be a Programmer as i study mainly about coding and programming. So, i accept the opportunities at this one company to be a web programmer. Not because i hate this company. No! I just feel unhappy with the environment, the boses and the task that i get from them. 
"Actually when we work, is one of our ibadah" 😊
For this reason i only stay at this company for about 6 month. Why? So short period of time? Do you learn more? Do you get the knowledge more? And my answer is, " i came to work not just to get a salary, knowledge, but to feel happy and work with "ikhlas"" 
So quit my dream job 😒 but i know my "rezeki" not at that company, so just be happy.😊

Some of you might think, after quiting this job i will sit at home watching movies, korean dramas😁. No! You are wrong. Hehe. Where i work after that?

Some people might think why did you have to do that? 
Okay. I went back to work at my very first job as Jr. IT Executive. What?! Why?! Because I LOVE my officemate. That all actually. Hehe. They are so nice, so good at me, my bos really friendly and does not ask "kenapa datang balik? Tak seronok ke kerja sana?". Some people might ask this question, but not him. Yeah really. He really a nice man even sometimes his mouth is like rubbish. Hehe sorry bos. πŸ˜…

Today i want to highlight that if you are lucky to work at good place, always "bersyukur". Tension and stress at work is normal, just think positive side at your workplace that you can think will release your heavy work.

For me, if i'm stress, i will go to my other officemate and disturb them. Hehe 😬😬😬😬. It will make me felt less burden about my work. πŸ’‹

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